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A New Found Freedom


A New Found Freedom

If you’re lucky enough to own an Airstream caravan, then you probably have a touch of the adventurer or rover about you. A New Found Freedom is not only an importer and restorer of vintage Airstream caravans, it’s also a philosophy and a way of life. You’re free to explore. Get lost. Slowly.


We Like Today were asked to create a brand style and philosophy for ANFF. We came up with the tortoise symbol as it perfectly encapsulates the idea of a slow moving ‘home’ and the relaxed nature of the Airstream lifestyle. The text in the logo lock up is also symbolic of a road traveling into the distance. This feeling of a sense of freedom on the open road was pivotal to the brand ethos.


WLT also commissioned a short film and accompanying music for the website to really bring home the impression of leisurely disconnection. Jack Ryder of the band Yawning Gulf was tasked to come up with a piece of music that has a mixture of joyfulness and wistfulness to match the beauty of getting lost purposefully. 


©weliketoday (Work created whilst employed at We Like Today)