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Bromley Town Hall


Bromley Town Hall

Bromley’s beautiful but unloved old town hall was bought by the Cathedral Hotel Group with the intention of turning it into a boutique hotel with restaurants. We Like Today were asked to produce a document to present to the council showcasing the thoughts and ideas to bring this renovation about. 


The idea behind the book was not to produce a run of the mill throwaway document but create something that reflected the grandness and heritage of the building as well as celebrating Bromley as a whole.


We worked with the illustrator Lizzy Stewart to create a story of optimism, engagement and intrigue. Something personal that would grab the attention of the reader and not bombard them with facts and statistics. We wanted to bring back a sense of identity to the town and for people to fall in love with it all over again.


©weliketoday (Work created whilst employed at We Like Today)