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I Will Always Love You My Friend


The Bell — Neon Installation

The Bell asked We Like Today for a stand-out piece of art that they could put in their ‘Stable With A Table’. They wanted something that would become synonymous with The Bell and something that people would love taking photos of, especially during weddings.

It was decided a statement neon piece would sit pride of place on the wall next to the long table. The hand written wording (my own handwriting) is a lyric taken from a Bill Callahan song which was on heavy rotation in the WLT studio at the time and it seemed to fit perfectly with the feel of The Bell and what we wanted to achieve. 


The neon sign was made in London by Rob Court at 'Signs Of all Kinds'. Take a look through the slideshow below to see the sign being manufactured from beginning to end.


©weliketoday (Work created whilst employed at We Like Today)