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Lucraft Hodgson Dawes


Lucraft Hodgson Dawes

Lucraft Hodgson Dawes are a chartered accountants based in Brighton. We Like Today were asked to come up with a new brand identity, website and stationary that would move them away from the old fashioned, stuffy style they had to something more modern, confident and distinct.


The focus of the website is the relationship with the client and to celebrate the people they work with. It’s self confident, bold and engaging and avoids the focus being on the heavy amount of stuffy copy that is usually seen on the majority of chartered accountancy websites.


The mathematical symbols are a clear and memorable way of showing the philosophy of the company. Lucraft Hodgson Dawes don’t work for you. They work with you. A level playing field. Equals.


©weliketoday (Work created whilst employed at We Like Today)