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The Bell 'Apparently'


The Bell 'Apparently'

People love a great story, well told.

The Bell 'Apparently' in Ticehurst, East Sussex, is an award winning pub and hotel in the middle of the countryside. It was opened in 2011 after being purchased by the Cathedral Hotel Group in a very run down and dilapidated state. The building needed love, care and attention to turn it back into the beating heart of the local community.

We Like Today put a lot of consideration into what could be done to make the pub unique and different. It wasn’t just about decoration, it was about empathy, putting people first and taking care of the individual. A destination that people will love, talk about and remember.


We Like Today wanted to add elements of intrigue, emotion uncertainty, engagement and belonging. Idiosyncrasies that will fascinate and hopefully put a smile on peoples faces.


The Fish Hut

The Fish Hut was built at the side of The Bell to sell fresh, locally sourced fish to the local community. The Bell is an essential part of a village regeneration project that aims to put life back into a local community and having a local fishmongers is another element of that. 


More often that not, complimentary toiletries provided by hotels or guest houses are faceless, forgettable little bottles that provide a basic use. Our aim at We Like Today was to produce a small but interesting brand that can exist inside as well as outside of the pub.

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